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Derek Young Piano is a trained pianist, composer, and author who has been a part of a number of projects over his career. With a Bachelor's in Music Technology from Mansfield University and Master's in Music Composition from Binghamton University, he is a versatile musician with experience in the many parts of the music world.

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Derek Young provides a variety of services from accompanying, performing, composing, directing, and audio engineering. Contact him at or 607-215-1997 to see what he can do for your projects.

Derek Young Piano: Services


Accompanying for various events. Pricing is determined by the type of event.

Piano B&W


Lessons for either beginner or higher level piano students. Either half an hour or full hour lessons available.

Sheet Music


Pianist performances for theater productions, ensembles, recordings, and solo work.

Stage in the Spot Lights


Can collaborate with other musicians in composing original works or arrange music as requested. Also, can compose original works in different styles and for media.

Recording Studio Mic

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A scored animation by Derek Young.

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Contact me at my email or phone to set up any services or ask any questions.




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